Scrabble Cheats is a Cheat Site for Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordfued, Wordwise, Alphajax, Mo Words and other Scrabble like board games. Scrabble Cheats has five different dictionaries: Scrabble (Standard Scrabble Tournament, Wordfeud, etc), SOWPODS (Scrabble Non-US English), French, Italian, and Words With Friends (Alphajax).

How to Cheat at Scrabble


1. Enter the letters you have in the Your Rack box.
2. Click the Search Button
3. All words will be shown in a table with columns for Word, Length, Score and Definition
4. Click on the column header at the top of the table to re-sort the results. You can sort the words by Length, Score or Word (Alphabetically).

Use Scrabble Cheats' advanced search options to add your letters to the beginning (Suffix Search), the end (Prefix Search) or both sides (Anywhere Search) of words or letters already in play.

For Wildcard searches (Blank Tiles) just enter a ? in Your Letters. You can enter up to three ? at a time.



Use '?' for Blank Tiles (You can enter up to 3)

PREFIX :     or and    SUFFIX :